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Posted by Valentyme - April 25th, 2020

> Applied name change ( going to do that to all my sites eventually )

Remember to take a gander at my links if your interested in joining my community !

We'd love to have you aboard. ^ _^


Posted by Valentyme - March 26th, 2020

.... With a heavy heart , I'm ending my 2020 1-a-day drawing challenge due to personal issues.

Information on this topic can be found via this link to my DA's journal entry on the matter :



Posted by Valentyme - December 15th, 2019


Posted by Valentyme - August 18th, 2019




Few things real fast .

Yes , im in official Hiatus mode.

Still drawing now-and-then , but its just been.... hard...

I already went into grander detail over on my TWITTER and DISCORD ,

so if interested the links are over on the left on my homepage ya .

Don't know when i'll be back onto more... grand topics ?

But for now , at least expect something now and again for the time... nothing more.




Posted by Valentyme - May 18th, 2019


Don't think much of you all that follow me even noticed , so for your sake , good job !

But for a while there I was de-scouted .... apparently ?

Like , I 'know' I'm not the most active poster of my subject matter...

....But this whole system Newgrounds has about being scouted just to post your work is....


Well lets just say I've mixed feelings about it .

Point to drive home ? Was unscouted for a time , and now we're back in with a someone

whom really knows whats what around this site. (( literally everything he has is in gold on his homepage? ))

So hopefully this issue doesn't happen again anytime soon.




Remember , you'll find all my art FIRST over about my Discord....

( a safe haven for artists of ALL kinds )

.....Over on my Twitch , where I post often enough ya .....

THEN here , in NG ! So if you want to be the first to see my work,

or just hang out with other artists while you express yourself , head

on over to one of the links over on my HOMEPAGE , and come see

what we're all about .

^ _^

. Lets Make Beautiful Artwork Together .





Posted by Valentyme - February 22nd, 2019

Things are going well I think.

Admittedly , I could draw more... be more active?

But overall... things are well. Ya.

Remember, if you'd like to see more, or to get art new before the public sees it, your

better off following my twitter or my discord. Links over on the side. <

^ _^


Posted by Valentyme - December 3rd, 2018




It's no supprise , the low-blow people will go when it comes between the decission between
what is TRULY right for the world..... and mother fucking money.


Short story ?     On December 17th , Tumblr is turning on an unbias machine with
a single goalset in mind.... to remove, destory, and dismember EVERY trace of any
connections to anything NSFW or NSFW-related subject matter from Tumblr , thus
in turn ban-hammering any and all NSFW artists.... and probably putting at-risk any
whom even LIKED a post that was as such...

Want the long story, the why's and how's ?
You can find my last Tumblr Post here :


.....and If you feel you desire more, i induldge you you gander at my history on Tumblr
before the damn site removes all traces of it from it's site.  It's all there one way or another.


It deeply upsets me , this low cut .

However , not as much as it pains me for other artists.

So I urge you.... If your reading this, or my Tumblr Post....
Please, find the artists you love on tumblr, if any, and follow them elsewhere if-able.
And do so quickly, while you still have time.   .....As its all a matter of time now....


As for myself, you'll find me here, posting my artwork.... sure.
But you'll find me at my other sites as well. 
Specially on Discord.... where we can be one-on-one with both
myself, as well as a myriad of other artists, SFW and NSFW alike.

So what are you waiting for?

Lets Make Beautiful Artwork Together.... <3

^ _^



Posted by Valentyme - November 26th, 2018


Hello , and welcome ~
My name's Valentine.

Thanks to the bullshit that was the Tumblr Thanos Snap , as well as it's blocking of any NSFW tags ,
I was forced out of the one space that I enjoied online... and so I've found my way here.

I hope you come to enjoy my artwork.
I draw by-hand, using ink-only methods to produce SFW ( safe for work ) and NSFW ( not sfw ) art
of all kinds, in whatever shape i'm intersted in at the time.

As of this post, i'll eventually sort out my account here on NG , and hopefully you'll come
to enjoy what i've to offer.   But for now, if your intersted in my work, you'll find links to
most of my sites that I post to over on my home-page.

And that, is how they say, is that.


.Lets Make Beautiful Art Together .